Mini Research Camp

The ACCESS Mini Research Camp is a two-day hands-on program that is designed to introduce community college students to scientific research at UCSC and kindle their interest in participating in a summer research internship. The program focuses on students whose academic goals and potential have been affected by disadvantageous circumstances and/or students who belong to groups with below-average UC enrollment rates.

Selected students will learn about research techniques used in chemistry and/or biology. Participants will observe or work with state of the art laboratory instruments, meet researchers in the biomedical field and experience the academic research environment. The program includes hands-on mini research activities which focus on techniques used in microbiology, molecular biology, chemistry and/or biochemistry.

Students will receive compensation to support the cost of transportation.  

Mini Research Camp application deadline:  

Extended Deadline: December 10, 2021, 5:00 PM PST

Mini Research Camp Application